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Law Firm Web Design Tips


Lawyers need functioning websites just like all the other client-based professionals but there are different standards that they should have to set them apart. There are things that need to go into a quality law firm website and there are tips one could follow to ensure that the website is functional. First, the web design should be responsive. Since more and more people are using mobile gadgets to access the internet, the responsive design ensures that you have tailored the experience for all devices and resolutions. This means that the site can scale to the different resolutions which ensure that anyone can get any kind of information from your website at any time.


The website by Attorney Web Design DC also needs to be in such a way that the attorney search is based on multiple criteria. Website design is meant to connect people with the information they need and the visitors on the law firm website should be able to do so. The clients should be able to easily search for the attorney they need based on the location and expertise or any other criteria that the client deems fit. The website should be in such a way that it gives users several ways to get in touch with the firm.


It is important that the user has options when it comes to the immediacy of contact. You can have a general inquiries contact form and a phone number in all the pages that a client can easily get in touch with the law firm. Blogging for content creation is also another way lawyers can give their clients important information on their websites. Keep in mind that indexed and useful posts on the website will contribute a great deal to the SEO ranking of the website. Know more about SEO at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/young-entrepreneur-council/4-tips-for-preparing-for-_b_13042722.html.


Ensure that the content you have on the website is linked to the practice areas. This will keep the practice area looking fresh to your audience and also it demonstrates the knowledge that your team has in respect to that field. Social media usage by law firms has been on the increase and it is a good way to disseminate information and connect with clients. Social media also tells the clients more about the personality of the client and also helps them build their brand as the client has direct access to the attorney. Lastly, include the client testimonials on the website by the best DC Law Firm Web Design as they are endorsements by the clients to what the attorney can do.